Artist Who Channels Pain of Cambodian Sex Slaves Coming to Washington

Litchfield County Times, October 19, 2012

"I use my craft, my art, to bring attention to these issues," Ms. Musasama said. "I feel my work is my personal instrument of change. Also, by creating these stories, I am finding a way to comfort myself or, better yet, to get the pain of what I see from inside me into the work for the world to see. The girls give me power."

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Instructor/Resident Artist - Mixed Media Artist (1995 - 2010)

CASES effective alternative sentencing, one case at a time, Brooklyn, NY. Instructors volunteer with CASES participants to explore and develop interactive instruction and art workshops. The mosaic tiled tables (shown here) are examples of Musasama's projects developed with the participants and donated to various local vendors for use and display.

There are better solutions than incarceration to keep communities safe. Drawing upon 40 years of experience innovating programs for youth and adults with special needs in New York City's courts, CASES has helped thousands of individuals build productive, crime-free lives. Our programs allow judges to offer alternative sanctions that cost significantly less than incarceration and lead to better long-term outcomes for individuals and their communities.

Ceramic & Mixed Media Sculpture Workshop with Sana Musasama

Washington Art Association

Musasama's deeply felt sculptures reflect her unrelenting interest in, and keen sensitivity to, the human condition worldwide that she has witnessed as it played out in life dramas that tragically are accepted communal customs.

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