Aprons and Pinafores

Materials from my travels all over the world!

Thank you for taking a look at my latest collection of pinafores and aprons. They are made in Phnom Penh Cambodia by a collection of different women. This exchange enables these women and their families to lead healthy, independent lives. They are made with fabric I have collected over the past 30 years of traveling and are a 1950’s model of my Mom’s aprons. Building support for this project continues to strengthen women wise communities both in Cambodia and in the United States’ while supporting my art and activism.

$60 size large-To purchase email me at musasama@hotmail.com.

Apron 6
Pinafore 19
Pinafore 26
Pinafore 10
Pinafore 28
Pinafore 24
Pinafore 32
Pinafore 20
Pinafore 22
Apron 5
Pinafore 16
Apron 2

Etsy soon to come!




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