Cambodia 2013/14 and the Somaly Mam Foundation-Part 2

Girls at Somaly Mam Foundation creating crafts

Girls at Somaly Mam Foundation creating crafts

I came home today with fourteen dolls. The girls really surprised me as some of them had the dolls with them in their rooms, creating them all week. I need to tweak them of course. I sit on my ceramic tile floor in the evening and paint some of the faces. I will return with the dolls on Monday and show the girls what extra time does.  Some of them were finished too soon, but I understand that they are children that never got a chance to be kids.  They make me smile as I watch over their shoulders and I keep stressing creativity and craftsmanship.

I have learned twelve new Khmer words.  I love it when I ask for something and I GET IT!!!

I plan to come back in 2016 for 5 months.  A little girl, that I sponsor will be will be l8 or l9 (a dangerous age) when I return. I will see her this Sunday.  It is legal to be a prostitute at this age, so I worry about her fate when she can walk out of the orphanage that she has lived in since she was 7.

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