Cambodia 2013/14 and the Somaly Mam Foundation-Part 4

Sana and Girls at Tom Dy Center 2014

Sana and Girls at Tom Dy Center 2014

Today was my last day at the Tom Dy Center. Sixteen dolls were produced during my stay here and I have some images of their creations.

The girls knew it was my last day. They lingered around me all day, touching my hair and arms. The girls invite me to eat with them, cryptically asking:   “Sana, you eat rice us?”  They sweetly leaned on me during lunch, while asking me if I had enough rice.  When I sit at a table for what would be four people typically in the States, nine to twelve of us squeeze in, elbow to elbow.  When my bowl of rice and vegetables are low, they take my bowl without asking and fill it up saying, ” eat sister Sana”. I love them.

The day ended with them asking me to join them in dance and I did with all of my heart. It is bedtime for me now and I still feel the glow of their smiles on me.  Aren’t I lucky?  Yes, I am.

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