Cambodia 2013/14 and the Somaly Mam Foundation-Part 1

Somaly Mam Foundation-Life is Love

Somaly Mam Foundation-Life is Love

This is my seventh year volunteering for Somaly Mam in Cambodia.

There have been issues here with the computers and it’s the first time in a week that I’ve been able to get a working computer/connection.

The reversible doll project is going slowly.  Finally, the other day, the dolls started to look somewhat human.   I have three more days at the Tom Dy Center in Phnom Penh and then I will move on to the center in Siem Reap.  I am up at 5 am and take a motorbike at 6 am to arrive at the truck stop thirteen minutes later at the base of the mountain.  I have coffee with two other women while we wait for the truck that makes the trek to the shelter. We arrive at the Tom Dy center around 8 am.

I’ve been here a week and I am really just connecting with the ways things run here.  I am exhausted, but it’s a different kind of tired than the deadly tired I feel while running the streets of New York trying to make a living.  I come alive around the girls.  They give me power.  I love them and want the best for their lives.

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