If I Can Help Somebody

Sana Musasama's Art of Healing

Ever since 2006, artist Sana Musasama has traveled to Cambodia for six weeks. She does this during the December-January semester break from teaching ceramics and sculpture at Hunter College and John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City. Arriving in Southeast Asia, she uses art to help rehabilitate women and girls rescued from the sex trade.

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Body and Soul: New International Ceramics:

Emotionally-Charged Ceramics

BODY AND SOUL IS A SURPRISING FIGURATIVE EXFIIBITION protesting problems in society, including gun violence, bullying and sexual abuse. Featuring 24 artists, many of whom work in France, the most subtle yet provocative works are by Sana Musasama (American, b 1957) - four delicate seashell-like forms variously stitched, torn, or covered with red filaments. The artist made these to protest a practice that still exists - the genital cutting of girls (which she learned about 35 years ago when she was living among the Mende people of Sierra Leone, West Africa).

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Crisis and Catharsis in Clay

An interview with Sana Musasama

Those who encounter Sana Musasama’s lovingly crafted wall sculptures in Body & Soul: New International Ceramics, at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York City until 2 March 2014, are in for a potentially life-altering experience should they venture to learn more about the artist and her social activism.

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No Walls. No Limits. No Boundaries.

Ceramic artist Sana Musasama began her compelling performance, which included a filmed photo-journey of her art and travels, stating that as a world traveler she seeks out the comfort and protection of women in traditional cultures. She visits markets that are dominated by women who invite her into their lives, guide her and teach her; they feed her passion.

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Musasama makes art talk about the unspeakable

“I got on the road because clay exists all over the world,” ceramic artist Sana Musasama said. “It’s made by Mother Nature, so it doesn’t matter where you go in the world, you’ll find clay.”

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Trade winds: Sana Musasama

SANA MUSASAMA IS AN INTRIGUING ARTIST DRIVEN by conviction and documenting her travels through life. She is not a passive traveller but one who passes through diverse terrain, villages, cities and landscape with a mission to in some way change or transcend circumstances she encounters.

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SANA MUSASAMA: Ceramic Artist

The Unknown/The Unnamed, Sana Musasama’s provocative exhibition of ceramic sculptures—powerful homage to the victims of humankind’s unspeakable inhumanity to one another.

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