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40th Anniversary Event

40 and Counting: Celebrating Forty Years at the Gantt Center Through Art, Culture and Community

Sana Musasama “Unspeakable” Series to be included in the 40th year anniversary of the Harvey B. Gantt Center. Read More →

Two Different Worlds-Two Person Show

Sana Musasama to appear in “Two Different Worlds”, a two person show at Galerie 43 (AGAAP 43) in Paris, France.               Share this:      

Conversations (ONe Woman)

The work at Kean University, is an overview of Sana Musasama’s ceramic sculpture career spanning a 35-year period.  She will be exhibiting 3 bodies of work, the House Series, 1978 – 1984, produced prior to graduate school at Alfred University, that speaks about the House as a universal symbol. Her other ongoing series will be included, the UnSpeakable Series and the Unknown/UnNamed Series. The UnSpeakable Series, addresses ritual and violence in the lives Read More →