Galerie 43-“Two Different Worlds”

My two person show, “Two Different Worlds”, opened June 11th in Paris at Galerie 43.  Traveling can be a pain sometimes and I was stuck in transit for about 17 hours before arriving. I slept a lot for the first couple days and then recovered while shoe shopping!  The days are long here, in France an artist is expected to be at the gallery during the exhibition. I’ve made a bee line for the shoe shops whenever I’ve had the time.

Ingrid Ohayon, the second artist in this show, makes lovely ceramic paintings. Her lovely husband, Roger, opens the gallery every day for us. Ingrid Ohayon’s site:

I’ve perfected my minimal French while talking to customers in the gallery and of course I’ve been eating too much French bread.

I’m off to Sweden after the show closes and will return home in August to prepare another show.






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